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Educational Blog

This site was created to help students continue their education beyond the classroom (though it can be useful in-class as well). It is important for students to have access to proper educational materials so they can improve or even excel in their learning. Encouraging such learning at home is a core part of the mission.


While this site will primarily focus on English for speakers of other languages, it will also incorporate multiple fields of education (such as Science and Mathematics) to encourage and enhance other areas of learning. is also designed to help different types of learners through the use of multi-media tools (such as video and audio).


Mr. Schroth, or Schroth Sensei, holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Exceptional Student Education. Obtaining this degree required extensive work along side students living with different learning challenges. Using various tools, he hopes to help as many students as possible get a proper education. You can find out more of his story in the About section.